The key benefits of our track and trace chain of custody software are:

  • Secure
  • Fast and always online (multi data centre redundancy)
  • User focused design
  • Supply chain traceability - down and upstream
  • Scalable cost
  • Adaptable to your supply chain system and membership requirements

Designed to enable each participant in the supply chain to register the shipping announcement and receipt of certified sustainable material and then record its on-going shipment or consumption, our software can be adapted to support any of the physical supply chain systems operated by sustainability standards including:

  • Identity Preserved
  • Segregated
  • Known Percentage Blending
  • Controlled Blending
  • Mass balance

The development, hosting of our track and trace chain of custody software and its back office application are all cloud based, using Microsoft 's Azure platform.

Transparent, traceable and credible our physical chain of custody software can help you build sustainable supply chain and achieve your vision of market transformation.


Track and trace software icon covering the physical chains of custody
Our physical, traceable chain of custody software covers Identity Preserved, Segregated, Known Percentage Blending, Controlled Blending and Mass Balance supply chain options.
Offset IT software icon covering certificate trading
Designed to bypass the complex, physical supply chain of custody, our certificate trading software links the two ends of the supply chain. The farmer/producer is linked directly with the final product manufacturer.
Support services icon, we offer a complete managed service
What sets us apart from other chain of custody providers is that we can provide a complete managed service. Whereas other providers may just offer the software, we provide a full range of value adding support services.