Case Studies

Certificate trading 

Read below to see where Book&Claim has made a difference.

A palm oil independent smallholder team celebrate RSPO sustainable certification

Book&Claim first proposed a certificate trading chain of custody option at the very first official meeting of the globally recognised sustainable standard for palm oil - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in November 2003.

The resulting programme - GreenPalm - has gone on to become the RSPO’s most successful approved supply chain system option, or as we refer to them, ‘chain of custody’, for the selling and buying of certified sustainable palm oil.

GreenPalm is a certificate-trading programme, operated by one of the leading chain of custody software providers Book&Claim. The programme enables palm oil users to offset their use of palm oil products by funding the production of an equivalent volume of oil by an RSPO certified producer.

The producer receives a premium for their certified palm oil, which then helps to encourage an increase in sustainable production at the farm level, helping to build a sustainable supply chain.