Transparent, Traceable, Credible

Software Solutions

Book&Claim develops secure Cloud based, traceable chain of custody software solutions and a wide range of support services for sustainability standards to manage their:
  • Chain of custody 
  • Supply chain certification / verification 
  • Sales and impacts
  • Communication and claims
We can track and trace certified  / verified material through the physical supply chain systems e.g Segregated, Controlled Blending, together with a proven certificate/credit trading platform.

Support Services

Tailoring our chain of custody software to meet the needs of individual sustainable supply chain systems, we also offer comprehensive advice and support through our additional services:
  • Sustainable standards setup, promotion and operational advice
  • Sustainable supply chain system options
  • Communication and claims rules and guidance
  • A managed software / application help desk
  • Financial handling services 
  • Software user training
  • Global multi stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainable standards impacts
Our flagship project GreenPalm a certificate trading programme designed to promote sustainable palm oil production and support the work of the globally recognised sustainable standard for palm oil - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). GreenPalm has played a pivotal role in connecting sustainably certified mills to the sustainable demand markets and has been instrumental in supporting independent palm oil smallholders.

In January 2016 we added traceability to our certificate offset software, meaning all certificates representing certified sustainable palm oil traded on the GreenPalm Market could be traced back to an individual certified mill.